Product Description from our Master Distiller

The top-quality grain alcohol used for Domina Venti Vodka contains less than 1 g/hl of methanol and is 97.5 % pure before blending. 

The purity coefficient of the alcohol is achieved through a careful artisanal process of double distillation and double rectification.

The sweetened and osmotized water used in the mixture brings the final grade of vodka to 40% ABV.

After mixing a precious floral note, imperceptible to taste and smell, is added to make the vodka be particularly fresh, smooth and round on the back of your tongue.

The final shine of the product is achieved by filtering the mixture through rinsing filters.

The entire process is operated by the skilled and expert hands of our master distiller.

Designed with attention to the smallest details

The screen-printed graphics on the bottle are entirely freehand designed by one of the most promising designers on the Italian scene:


Armando Polacco a.k.a. “Mìron”. 

Cartoonist & illustrator born in Trieste in March 1993.

In January 2020 he draws for “BeccoGiallo Editore” the biographical Graphic Novel “Perlasca”, on texts by Matteo Mastragostino. In June of the same year he publishes “Lettere da un Paese chiuso” (Letters from a closed country), an account of the quarantine in Milan during COVID-19 written by Toni Capuozzo.