Domina Venti is the perfect combination of Italian know-how and premium ingredients used to create an exceptional super premium vodka. Instantly recognizable by our matte black bottle, Domina Venti is for those who dare to be different and stand out from the crowd.

Domina Venti, a literal Latin translation of Lady of the Wind, the eagle, which in Ancient Rome was the symbol of power, here represents not only the territory that gave her birth, but also you. 

When you choose Domina Venti you choose to dare, to try, to live to the fullest.  


Each batch of Domina Venti begins with the selection of the finest grain, which is then blended with the purest water from Trieste's Karst resurgences and filtered through brilliant filters that give it maximum transparency and luster. 

Our Vodka respects a careful filtering process to ensure the best possible quality through the very important input given by the experience and technique of our Master Distiller. 


Each bottle of Domina Venti is a true piece of art. Each unit is integrally varnished and then screen printed. The eye-catching design comes from the graphics designed and handcrafted by the emblazoned Italian illustrator Miron, who has perfectly balanced aggressiveness and elegance. The red eagle and black wing detail in the background make Domina Venti a unique brand.  


The highest degree of purity of the alcohol contained in Domina Venti Vodka is reached already after two distillations. 

An imperceptible touch of elderflower, which grows luxuriantly in our territory, further embellishes the Vodka giving it softness and roundness while giving the palate a pleasant and unmistakable note of freshness.

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